Boulder County Commissioner Candidate Forum Review

Candidates speak to a packed house.


The Lefthand Grange was packed with people wanting to hear the candidates speak.  After opening statements, 6 questions (below) that were compiled by submissions from the public were presented for each candidate to address.  The NCA hopes that this event was useful in making people better informed voters.

Thanks to the candidates and all that attended!


Kai Abelkis Randy Luallin Cindy Domenico


Longmont Times Call: 10/16/2014
Boulder County Commissioner candidates meet voters in Niwot


Prior to the event, the NCA conducted a survey to gather questions and some general information.  View the results


Forum questions


#1 Unincorporated subdivision road paving:

Given that unincorporated subdivision roads have decayed to the point that only 15% of roads are considered “in good condition”:

-Do you feel it is a statutory obligation of the county to rehabilitate and maintain roads?

-What would you do to insure immediate action, as well as, a permanent budgetary solution?


#2 Boulder county tax ballot questions:

Please explain your stance on county issues:

  • 1A: County-wide Flood Recovery Sales and Use Tax
  • 1B: Human Services Safety Net Mill Levy Extension


#3 Commission Representation:

Currently BCC candidates are required to live within the district that they represent, yet they are elected by the public at large.

-Is this a problem?

If Yes: What would you do to create direct elections in specific districts rather than at-large elections?

If No: Explain how rural and demographic groups are being properly represented.


#4 Land Use / Planning Commission (business):

In Niwot, prospective entrepreneurs are dissuaded from opening new businesses, due to imposed costs associated with the building permit process. This has created numerous downtown vacancies which not only impacts the Niwot economy, but also results in a reduced sales tax base.

If elected, what (if anything) would you do to stream line the Land Use / Planning Commission business permitting process?


#5 Land Use / Planning Commission (homes):

Homeowners in rural Boulder County often complain that they do not have control to moderately improve their property.   Square footage limitations, neighborhood “character”, and SMART regulations are used to deny building permits.

Case and point: a local resident with 2 acres claims to be limited 2,650 square feet for home, garage, AND outbuildings based on the median size of homes within a 1,500’ radius.

This problem has become so onerous that some people have chosen to sell their homes and move to a more desirable neighborhood or left the county altogether.

Do you feel that current codes are too restrictive and if so, what would you do to mitigate this situation?


#6 Hydraulic fracturing:

Are you for or against fracking in Boulder County? Explain.

What regulations would you promote before allowing the current moratorium on fracking to be lifted?

Should fracking in Boulder open space be permitted?

Updated: 16 October, 2014 — 2:26 pm