2021 Events

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NCA Annual Meeting

This year’s annual meeting was live streamed on the NCA YouTube channel.  A recording of the meeting can be viewed here:

The Powerpoint presentation can be downloaded by this link:

NCA 2021 Annual Meeting FINAL


Election results

Each NCA board position is a two year term and are split so that half are voted on in even years and the other half voted on in odd years.  Below are the results of the 2021 odd year election.

The following positions were unanimously elected.

  • Vice President: Julie Breyer
  • Treasurer: Terry Larsen
  • Dir. at Large – Membership: Johnny Barrett
  • Dir. at Large – Niwot LID: Laura Skaggs
  • Dir. at Large: Kathy Koehler
  • Area 1 Rep: Jeff Knight
  • Area 3 Rep: Pat Murphy
  • Area 5 Rep: John Barto
  • Area 7 Rep: Liz Marr