The NCA is a non-profit organization established in 1990.  We are your advocate and we interface with local government agencies to offer an opinion, and provide a forum for Niwot citizens to have an opportunity to become informed and involved in proposed changes that will affect their lives.


The Niwot Community Association shall strive to maintain Niwot as an independent community with a unique identity by providing a communication link between the residents of the Niwot Community Association Membership Area and Boulder County Government regarding issues affecting our town. This will be achieved through accurate representation of the interests and concerns of the community. The NCA shall also strive to enhance and preserve the quality of life in Niwot through activities and social events which are unique to our town.

NCA Bylaws-2020-04

Privacy Notice

Niwot Community Association Privacy Statement

This notice is for Niwot Community Association (NCA) members regarding our use and retention of personal data, website & email communications, and all social media usage.

  • The NCA never shares data with any third party.
  • Data collected (detailed below) is the very least needed to keep in good contact with our membership.
  • We fully respect the wishes of those that unsubscribe from our roles.
  • The NCA website (www.niwot.org) does not store nor display any member information.
  • Emails sent to NCA members is done through MailChimp (www.mailchimp.com) and the only information used for this task is:
    • First & last name
    • Email address
  • The NCA never uses nor posts any member personal information on any social media site

All information collected from NCA members is optional and given to us by our members.  The NCA does not data mine or seek personal information other than what our members voluntarily supply to us.  Any NCA member wanting a hard copy report of all personal information on file for them simply needs to submit a request via email to media@niwot.org, and arrangements will be made to authenticate the request and then deliver the report.

Below is the list of information we track.  We do not have the infrastructure to allow members to view/update their own data, but do have the profile update page (https://niwot.org/?page_id=479) set up for our members to send us the most common updates: name & email.

NCA Member Data:

  1. Last1
  2. First1
  3. Email1
  4. Phone
  5. Last2
  6. First2
  7. Email2
  8. Area (The NCA service area 1-8 in which the member resides)
  9. Number
  10. Street
  11. City
  12. State
  13. Zip
  14. Payment (How membership dues were paid, e.g. check or PayPal)
  15. Date (When membership dues were paid)
  16. History (What years a member of the NCA)
  17. NCA ID (Unique identifier used for voting and surveys)
  18. Deposited (When membership payment was deposited)
  19. Alt Street (Alternative address, e.g. P.O. Box or business)
  20. Alt City
  21. Alt State
  22. Alt Zip
  23. Alt Email
  24. Alt Phone
  25. Company
  26. Bounced emails (Tracking if emails sent are undeliverable)
  27. Volunteers (Notes for what events member has expressed interest to volunteer for)
  28. Clean Up Day (Number of trips to Niwot Clean Up Day event)


Service Areas

There are 8 service areas in the district and each area has a representative on the NCA board.