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  3. If prompted for the last 4 digits of the recipients number use: 6756

The membership year runs from March-01 through February-28 and costs $30.

The Niwot Community Association mission has always been about building community by providing a variety of family and community centered events, and being the bridge to the Niwot Business Association (NBA) and the Boulder County Commissioners.  While we continue to embrace those ideals, the NCA has a renewed focus on creating a communication link between the NCA membership and the organizations that influence the direction of our town. This year’s elected NCA representatives are stepping up their commitment to create meaningful dialogue between Niwot residents, the NBA, the Niwot Local Improvement District, Niwot Historic Society, and Boulder County government.  It is the NCA’s intention to use new outreach methodologies to collect community opinion for what happens in, and to, Niwot, while protecting property rights and our town’s fundamental ideals. We want to ensure that Niwot residents have an influential voice regarding issues and decisions that support, and/or derail the unique identity of Niwot. Please introduce yourself to your area representative (see below), and join the NCA.  Be informed.  Be heard.  Add your voice to the opinion of what direction our community should take. Together we can make a difference.

Building Influence Through Organization


What the NCA does:

  • Provides a communication link between Niwot and Boulder County
  • Organizes informational meetings
  • Sponsors annual Niwot Clean Up Day and Fourth of July Parade
  • Coordinates with Boulder County to maintain open space and trails – Monarch open space – Niwot Road at Sawtooth Drive underpass mural – Niwot loop trail
  • Supports other community groups and their events:
    – Niwot Business Association
    – Niwot Cultural Arts Association
    – Niwot Rotary Club
    – Niwot High School
    – Niwot Elementary School
    – Lefthand Grange #9
    – Scout Troop 161
    – Niwot Nifties 4-H
    – Niwot Historical Society
    – Mountain View Fire Rescue District
    – Niwot Chiefs Car Club

Membership gets you:

  • An advocate for you on issues: – Land use and traffic control – Open space and trails planning – Subdivision road paving
  • Quarterly updates: – Community issues – Upcoming meetings and forums – Surveys to gauge Niwot opinions
  • Annual cleanup day in May: – Junk, metal, furniture, and household debris – Yard waste – Computers & electronics
  • Fun events: – Fourth of July Parade – Area social events, including ice cream socials