BoCoFIRM Update


Officers Vince Hirch (president), Rod Archer (secretary), and Craig Colley (treasurer) of BoCoFIRM came to the March NCA board meeting to share updates on their work.  The NCA has been working with BoCoFIRM in support of getting subdivision roads repaired without new taxes.

The following is a summary of their update.

For a history on this issue, please visit our Subdivision Road Paving Issue page.

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BoCo Firm has its sights on its final goal – To get our subdivision roads fixed WITHOUT new taxes.  The lawsuit is proceeding with filings due to the court by March 6th and 13th, followed by the Judge’s analysis and order as early as late March and possibly as late as mid-April. The County is unyielding on its assertion that it can spend money any way it chooses and meddling from a few “disgruntled property owners” does not convince the Commissioners of their statutory duty to maintain roads.  BoCo FIRM is well-prepared to give the County “a new tool” – a paradigm shift on the funding and maintenance of subdivision roads. The group is embarking on an effort at the state level to expose false reporting and associated receipt of public highway user’s tax funds (HUTF) dollars.

Neighborhood meetings, temporary sign installations, a direct mailers are planned to gather support for a lawsuit BoCo FIRM can win. Please support the group that saved Boulder County unincorporated subdivision residents from an illegal local improvement district (LID) scheme to take $72M over a 15-year assessment period. We represent you so please support and follow us at: Thank you to those that supported us in defeating the County subdivision road PID/LID imposition attempts and to those that continue to support us.



Updated: 8 March, 2015 — 2:17 pm