Candidates for Boulder County Commissioner Speak at August Board Meeting

At the August NCA board meeting, the last of the candidates running for Boulder County Commissioner attended (via video) and were each given 20 minutes. Cinda Kochen (R) is running for the district 1 seat, and Jim Crowder (R) for district 2 seat.  The time was spent first with a self introduction followed by Q&A with questions from NCA membership.  Below is a summary of their responses.

In the fall the NCA is hopeful to once again host a candidate forum prior to the election to have them answer questions specific to Niwot.  Given the COVID-19 pandemic and state orders on social distancing, we are looking into live streaming.  Stay tuned.

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What is your stance on the Board of County Commissioner being changed to 5 district seats and/or being voted on by only residents within each district instead of at large countywide?


    “Definitely five” was Cinda’s response.  The variability of communities in the county needs a counterbalance to the concentrated population centers.  Three should be elected by the district and 2 at large by the entire county.


    The board should remain at 3 and the seats should be voted upon by the residents of each district.  To increase the board to 5 by adding 2 at large seats would simply continue the problem of representation that already exists AND add additional salaries to the budget.


What will be your approach, short term and long term, to fixing and maintaining the country owned roads in the residential subdivision areas?


    Cinda commended the transportation department for being helpful given how they are being restricted by rules made above them.  The county should fix all the roads, there is enough money in the budget.  Pitting one community against another is not productive.


    Jim called it a “breech of trust” that the county has not maintained the roads that they own. The budget is large so it is possible.  The first step would be to determine the total cost, and then start a program to get it done.  All roads should be renewed on a 20 year schedule. “This is more important than spending on alternative transportation.”


Do you agree with how the current Board of County Commissioners handled the recent moratorium in Niwot, including the imposition of a new requirement that commercial property owners must pay for a sidewalk and other alley improvements before they can use dedicated alleys for access to their properties?


    Not familiar with the issues and details.  The current commissions do not get out enough and meet with the people to understand their concerns.  It would be a priority of Cinda’s to do so.


    Jim said that he did not know the situation, but is well versed in the land use issues.  He objects to the denial of development rights and is concerned that BC is turning into a gated community for millionaires and billionaires.


Updated: 14 August, 2020 — 11:04 am