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Category: Boulder County

Election Information

  The Boulder County Elections Office has posted these items of interest.  Click to read full details. Drive-by ballot drop-offs will be available starting Friday In addition to the six 24-hour ballot drop boxes, the Boulder County Elections Division will open drive-by ballot drop-off locations across Boulder County on Friday Oct. 30 making it more […]

Marijuana application process

  With help from the Boulder County Marijuana Licensing department the NCA has come up with this list of steps that are required to apply for and receive a license to grow/sell marijuana.  This list will be fine tuned as more information becomes available and the NCA will track where in the process the Niwot […]

Boulder County Advisory Boards

  Want to get involved?  Act by January 23!  The NCA will support you. Boulder County is seeking residents to sit on advisory boards, committees, and commissions.  If you would like to help represent Niwot by volunteering please visit the county website: Over the past year our community has been well represented on the […]

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