Town Hall Meeting: Restoration of historic buildings and Niwot trails

Restoration of historic buildings and Niwot trails

Sponsored by the Niwot Historical Society and the NCA

Wednesday May 17 at 7:00pm
Left Hand Grange Hall
195 Second Ave., Niwot, CO


  • What is a square nail and why do you need them to restore a land marked century old building?
  • How do you find or replicate dated building materials?

Presenter:  Pascale Fried

For more than 30 years, Boulder County Parks and Open Space has restored buildings in the mountains, foothills and plains.  Depending on the project, restoration work was done by contractors, Boulder County Youth Corps, department staff and volunteers.  The presentation will highlight projects at the Altona School, Walker Ranch Homestead, Cardinal Mill, and recent 2013 flood-recovery success story at the Ramey property.

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Altona Schoolhouse Restoration


Cardinal Mine Restoration

Cardinal Mine Restoration

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