Niwot Clean Up Day – May 20th


Niwot Cleanup Day
May 20, 2017 8am to 2pm
Or until the dumpsters are full
Niwot High School
Free to NCA members

This is a service that is provided to NCA members, therefore to avoid public dumping non-members will be charged $40 per car load.

“Cleanup day is worth the cost of the NCA membership all by itself!“

This is your chance to conveniently get rid of unwanted junk and debris from your home.

Items accepted:

  • Yard waste: limbs, clippings, & leaves
  • Household debris, furniture, metal, and junk
  • Computers, peripherals, and electronics (extra fee required)
    Note: We do not take TVs. You can recycle TVs at Best Buy (free)
  • Block Styrofoam (2 inches thick or more)
  • Water based Paints/Stains (e.g. Latex)
  • Metal recycle: iron, steel, aluminum, & common alloys

There will be a swap area for gently used items

Items NOT accepted:

  • Household garbage
  • Cardboard – please deposit in recycle bins on 79th
  • Refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers
  • TVs (BestBuy will take them for free)
  • Motorized equipment with gas or oil
  • Construction debris, drywall, fixtures, …
  • Oil Based Paints
  • Solvents
  • Hazardous and/or Hard to Recycle Items
  • Animal Waste
  • Automobile Tires
  • Batteries
Updated: 7 May, 2017 — 8:23 am