Subdivision road paving update


Update from NCA President Dick Piland who is a member of the SPLIDAC committee:

Boulder County Transportation Engineer is advertising bids for approximately 11.5 miles of road resurfacing throughout the unincorporated county areas.  These roads were selected by the SPLIDAC, and were chosen due to their high vehicle traffic, general use by all county tax payers (Community Use Roads) in trips to churches, trail heads, recreational venues, schools and those roads that connect major thoroughfares.  Bid results should be known by Mid July.  If there is a bidder awarded, work will commence immediately and those affected will be notified by the County.  Specifically, those roads within the Niwot Community Association’s membership area are:

  • Longview Road, from Niwot Road southward to Somerset Subdivision.
  • Golf Club Drive, from Neva to Niblick Drive in North Rim Subdivison
  • Fairways Drive, from Neva to Niblick Drive in Lake Valley
Updated: 12 June, 2014 — 8:45 pm