Niwot Road Underpass Mural Vandalized / Tagged (Reward)


The NCA, sponsors and caretakers of the Niwot road pedestrian underpass mural, is sad to report that the artwork was vandalized / tagged with spray paint.


Before: 2014-06-07-mural-2a 2014-06-07-mural-1a
After: 2014-06-07-mural-2b 2014-06-07-mural-1b 2014-06-07-mural-3b


A private group of Niwotians has collected $2,000 that will be rewarded to any person(s) that have information that leads to the identification and conviction of those responsible for this act.  NCA president Dick Piland will coordinate the collection of all leads and distribution of rewards.  You can send email to him at:

Any information received will be guarded and kept private.

Updated: 8 June, 2014 — 4:57 pm