Niwot Open Space Guided Tour


On Saturday, June 29, from 9:00-11:00am a Boulder County Volunteer Naturalist will be conducting an informative guided tour of the Foxhill Sandstone formation that is exposed on the Hillside Estates Open Space in Niwot. This exposure of the Fox Hills sandstone, is a very special area geologically and botanically, containing both fossils from when this area was a shallow sea and, presently, several rare or endangered species. Some of the highlights include shark’s teeth, ophiomorphas, miner bees, and rare lichens.

This tour will be limited to 16 people total in order to limit impact on the fragile ecosystem. You must register in advance for the tour. We ask that you limit participation to two people per family so that we can spread the knowledge widely.

If you are among the first 16 respondents, we will contact you before the tour to confirm you are attending.


Updated: 14 June, 2019 — 10:52 am