Niwot Clean Up Day 2019 – Official BoCo Diversion Numbers

Each year we are pleased to sponsor the Annual Niwot Clean Up Day event. A huge thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers who helped our community come together this year to divert from our landfills almost 23k pounds of waste. This event would not be possible without them!

Below are the official Boulder County diversion numbers (in pounds) for the 2019 Niwot Clean Up Day:

  • Total Landfilled: 24,520
  • Compost/Yard Waste: 14,340
  • Mattresses: 1,320
  • Electronics: 3,767
  • Scrap Metal: 6,400
  • Paint: 2,984
  • Styrofoam: 288
  • Total Diversion: 22,699

Total Diversion Percent: 54%

We look forward to serving our members with this popular and worthwhile event in 2020.

Updated: 4 September, 2019 — 1:55 pm