Events – 2015


2015 Events

NCA Annual Meeting

April 15, 2015 @ 7pm
Left Hand Grange
195 Second Ave, Niwot, CO  80544

Thank you to all that attended the NCA Annual meeting.  Below is the set of slides used during the meeting and a few photos.

NCA 2015 Annual Meeting Presentation Slides

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Audience Panorama Jonathan Singer - CO HD 11 Jonathan Singer - CO HD 11 Vince Hirsch - BoCoFIRM Vince Hirsch - BoCoFIRM Audience

Niwot Clean Up Day

May 9, 2015 @ 8am – 2pm
Niwot High School

The weather was miserable, but our volunteers braved the rain and made the day a success.  Weather did reduce participation in the annual event, but a lot of debris was taken away:

• 8 dumpsters of debris (5) and yard waste (3)
• 1,500 lbs. of electronics recycled
• 1 dumpster of scrap metal to recycle
• Paint gathered for recycling
• and many items were exchanged in the swap meet area

The event was only possible due to the large number of volunteers:
(Send a note to if we missed your name)

Julie Breyer
Cindy Butler
Isabelle Bittorio
Jake Dawson
Laura Dyberg
Jim Eastman
Don Farr
Sam Ho
Paua Hull
Jim Jones
Sandi Klatt
Gloria Knudtson
Kathy Koehler
Phil LaFontune
Carol Marcoux
Bruce McKay
Lanelle McKay
Vicki Mead
James Piffarerro
Dick Piland
Linda Pollard
Deborah Read-Fowler
Erik Rebich
Liz Schmidt
Mary Scripter
Erin Sharpe
Cindy Silvis
Jessie Slepicka
Madii Spell
Heidi Storz
Amy Tubach
Andrew Tubach
Euvaldo Valdez
Christine Washington
Rosemary Yates

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Niwot 4th Of July

July 4, 2015 @ 7am – 1pm
Downtown Niwot

The celebration of our great nation’s birthday was a spectacular event in Niwot.  Starting with the pancake breakfast at Niwot Market and ending with the concert at Whistle Stop Park the entire day was packed with Niwotians.

Here are the volunteers that made it possible:
(Send a note to if we missed your name)

Ralph Bailey
Duncan Barrett
Johnny Barrett
Misha Barrett
John Barto
Sarah Bovaird
Dana Breyer
Julie Breyer
Cindy Butler
Jake Butler
Leigh Charley
Carol Crenshaw
Renae Dahiya
Surinder Dahiya
Kathy Faulk
Mary Jackson
Jim Jones
Becky Klatt
Chris Klatt
Frannie Klatt
Kathy Koehler
Terry Larsen
David Limbach
Emily Limbach
Dave Manting
Pat Murphy
Dick Piland
Liz Schmidt
Barb Shore
Leonard Sitongia
Burt Steele
Max Weckerly
Sue Wilson
BZ Zimmermann
Diane Zimmermann

Niwot LID

Boulder County Sheriff

Niwot High School
Cheer Leaders
Football Team
Golf team
and many students

Cottonwood Square

Niwot Community Association

Niwot Market

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Children’s Park Jamboree (fundraiser)

September 12, 2015 @ 7:30am – 12:30pm
Cottonwood Plaza, Niwot

The Niwot Business Association (NBA) hosted this event as a fundraiser for the Childrens Park project.  The NCA helped out by hosting a bean bag toss game for children.

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