Candidate Loachamin and Singer responses


Marta Loachamin and Jonathan Singer separately attended (via video) the June NCA board meeting and were each given 20 minutes.  The time was spent first with a self introduction followed by Q&A with questions from NCA membership.  Here is a summary of their responses.

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What is your stance on the Board of County Commissioner being changed to 5 district seats and/or being voted on by only residents within each district instead of at large countywide?


    Marta is in favor of changing the board of commissioners to 5 seats because she understands that unincorporated area and mountain areas of the county feel as if they are not heard.  Did not definitively answer voting change.


    Jonathan supports putting a measure on the ballot to expand the board of commissioners to 5 seats.  There needs to be a non-partisan method for re-drawing the district boundaries.  If expanded to 5, he is undecided on how voting should change.  If it remains at 3 it should be by district, not at-large.


What will be your approach, short term and long term, to fixing and maintaining the country owned roads in the residential subdivision areas?


    This conversation needs to come back to the table.  Marta did not mention any specific ideas but thinks that a fresh start and involvement with the community could yield some results.


    The county is obligated to maintain the roads, but it is unfunded.  A solution should be part of the discussion of the larger issues regarding transportation.

Do you agree with how the current Board of County Commissioners handled the recent moratorium in Niwot, including the imposition of a new requirement that commercial property owners must pay for a sidewalk and other alley improvements before they can use dedicated alleys for access to their properties?


    Marta acknowledged that she did not know the details of the Niwot issues.  She is a strong advocate for community meetings which she would employ to resolve ongoing/future concerns.


    Both process and outcome should have been better. Being personally available to the public and hosting more town hall meetings would be his ongoing plan.  In the end Jonathan feels the outcome was “okay.”


Updated: 24 June, 2020 — 12:59 pm