Subdivision Road Paving Update & Survey


Disappointing News

The following is an update from NCA President Dick Piland who also sits on the Boulder County Subdivision Paving Advisory Committee.

Subdivision road survey

The results of Tuesday’s Boulder County Transportation Budget Conference was very disappointing.  The Director of Transportation asked for only $955,159 to repave only “Community Roadways” (roads used by a majority of county residents).  There was no request for funds to begin the rehabilitation of subdivision roads throughout the unincorporated areas of the county. This decision means that subdivision roads will languish another year without proper rehabilitation funding resulting in higher costs to repair.

As you may be aware, your Niwot Community Association has worked closely with the county to resolve the issue of “who must pay for the rehabilitation of Subdivision Roads”. In 2013 we supported the effort to place a Public Improvement District on the November ballot.  The PID was defeated 43% for to 57% against. This was an important message to the Commissioners that we were not interested in paying more for road maintenance. The Commissioners then forced a Local Improvement District (LID) on the parcel owners of unincorporated Boulder County.  This effort was struck down in the courts as being an inappropriate funding vehicle, as road rehabilitation (resurfacing) does not meet the definition of a “capital improvement”.

There is a second “grass-roots” lawsuit being filed by BoCo FIRM.  This suit is available on their web page (  Basically, it demands that the county comply with state statutes in funding all public roads in unincorporated Boulder County.

The Niwot Community Association wants your input as to what you would like us to do to help resolve this issue.  Please use the link above to connect to our survey and give us your input.

Thanks in advance,

Dick Piland
NCA President

Updated: 30 October, 2014 — 3:21 pm