Subdivision road paving update


Update from NCA President Dick Piland who is a member of the SPLIDAC committee:

  • Only one Chip Seal Company bid on the 20 miles of road planned to be chipped sealed to extend the life of better fair roads within the LID District.  That bid was double the cost that was anticipated by the County. As, you recall this $815K was the County’s 20% matching funds, which was the Commissioner’s only expenditures anticipated earlier in the year.  SPLIDAC members voted unanimously to recommend that this bid be rejected and that the money be folded into the $3.8 million for the resurfacing of “High Use-Community Roads” serving trail heads, churches, schools, golf courses etc. ($4.6 total 2014 budget)
  • Next Meeting is June 4th.  The agenda will address specifically which “High Use-Community Roads” will be listed for resurface, or reconstruction as necessary.  Once these roads are chosen, the county will release bids to asphalt companies for the 2014 season. With prices as high as they are we may only be able to rehabilitate 16-20 miles of road this summer….which would result in only about 15% of the total roads that are included in the LID.
  • It is disappointing and discouraging that the prices for road repair and rehabilitation are so very high; which the County attributes to the flood damaged roads and infrastructure repair in the front range area.  Hopefully, as damaged roadways throughout the front range are completed prices for materials and labor will decline to a more reasonable level.


Longmont Times Call:
Boulder County subdivision paving group changes course on plan

Updated: 22 May, 2014 — 4:35 pm