Subdivision Road Paving LID Invalidated


There has been a major event in the subdivision road paving issue:

Judge rules Boulder County lacked legal authority to create subdivision paving district
Longmont Times Call 2014-07-27

Boulder County to refund $5.6M in assessments after judge invalidates paving district
Longmont Times Call 2014-07-28

The NCA was a proponent of the Public Improvement District (PID) which failed in the 2013 election.  The NCA was against any new taxation for roads, but given the choice between the PID and LID, the PID was the better solution.  Since the Local Improvement District (LID) was unilaterally established by Boulder County as a result of the PID not passing, the NCA has remained active on this issue by following the legal battle and by getting Niwot representation on the SPLIDAC committee.

The judge’s ruling against the LID is welcome news for all residents of unincorporated Boulder County.  The NCA cannot take any credit for the legal battle and would like to express thanks to those citizens that took it upon themselves to challenge the county.

As further news is available on this developing story, we will keep our page devoted to this issue updated:

NCA Subdivision Road Paving Page


Updated: 29 July, 2014 — 1:17 pm