Plane and train noise in Niwot


At the August NCA board meeting there were two guest speakers that discussed different noise issues in Niwot.


Kim Gibbs – Citizens for Quiet Skies

Kim gave a concise presentation on the history of complaint against Mile-Hi Sky Diving and status and the lawsuit appeal.  The latest efforts include meeting with the Longmont City Counsel and working with Rep. Polis to see if regulation changes can be implemented at the Federal level.

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Norm Klapper – Silence The Horn

Norm is just getting started with an effort to see what can be done to make the Niwot section of the railroad tracks a “Quiet Zone”.  The frequency and decibels of the train horns have both increased in recent years.  As he gets organized Norm will post information to his website and he plans to return to the NCA in October with updates.

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Updated: 13 August, 2015 — 12:41 pm