Niwot Incorporation Proposal

A small group of individuals formed the “Niwot Exploratory Incorporation Study Committee” (hereon NEISC) and created a website ( with information about the possibility of incorporating Niwot into a town. Details on the individuals behind this effort can be found on their website:

Realizing the impact that incorporation would have on the community, the NCA formed a subcommittee in early 2019 that has invested hundreds of person hours to become well informed on the issues. Meeting with stakeholders, communicating with Boulder County departments, self-educating on land use and open space policies, and researching legal policies, a wealth of information has been collected.

Below are NCA publications on this subject:


NOTE: In March of 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic eclipsed Niwot incorporation in terms of importance.  The NEISC stopped lobbying and the NCA did not publish the 2 remaining statements it had drafted.  Neither the NEISC nor NCA completed their respective surveys.