NCA Clean Up Day


The 2014 NCA Clean Up Day was a huge success.  Here is a summary:

• 155 households dropped off 306 loads
• 10 dumpsters of debris and yard waste
• 1 dumpster of scrap metal to recycle
• 3 industrial bags of ‘block’ Styrofoam to recycle
• 8 bins of electronics for recycling / disposal
• Paint gathered for recycling
• and many items were exchanged in the swap meet area

Car after car filed through relatively quickly thanks to the large number of volunteers:
(Send a note to if we missed your name)

Bevan, Keelin
Breyer, Julie
Brigham, Mackenzie
Butler, Cindy
Buzas, Eli
Charley, Leigh
Eastman, Jim
Gross, Stan
Grunzweig, Ron
Halpin, Helen
Kirkenaer, Jo
Klatt, Becky
Klatt, Chris
Klatt, Sandi
Klatt, Fran
Knudtson, Gloria
Koehler, Kathy
LaFortune, Phil
Lackey, Sally
Lai, Ashley
Landry, Robyn
Lang, Mary
Lang, Robin
Lee, Cindy
Limbach, David
Manting, Dave
Mead, Vicki
Mecca, Kristen
Murphy, Pat
Piland, Dick
Pitel, Yesha
Schmidt, Liz
Seaborn, Judy
Slepicka, Jessie
Smith, Christopher
Storz, Heidi
Valdez, Euvaldo
Vogt, Eric
Yates, Rosemary
Zimmerman, BZ
Zimmerman, Diane
Zimmerman, Ingrid
Zimmerman, Thomas

Thanks to everyone who volunteered!


Photos (Click to enlarge):

2014-05-10-cleanup-day-11 2014-05-10-cleanup-day-10 2014-05-10-cleanup-day-09 2014-05-10-cleanup-day-08 2014-05-10-cleanup-day-07 2014-05-10-cleanup-day-06 2014-05-10-cleanup-day-05 2014-05-10-cleanup-day-04 2014-05-10-cleanup-day-03 2014-05-10-cleanup-day-02

Updated: 13 May, 2014 — 10:49 pm