Mural underpass cleanup


This past Saturday a group of volunteers stripped the spray paint off of the Niwot road underpass mural.  Thanks to a protective layer that was applied the tagging was able to be removed with minimal damage to the original artwork.  Some touch up and re-painting will be required to fully restore the mural and a new protective layer will be applied.

Reward still available


A special thanks to those that donated their time to restore the mural:

  • Ellen Haswell,  a mural artist and lead / organizer on restoration
  • Linda Tapia,  a mural artist
  • Emily Bertelson,  a mural artist
  • Lisa Berbeck,  a mural painter
  • Kathy Koehler,  a mural painter
  • David Limbach,  restoration volunteer
  • Liz Schmidt,  restoration volunteer
  • Sue Wilson,  restoration volunteer
  • Mary Griffith,  restoration volunteer
  • Tomas Tapia,  restoration volunteer
  • Lola Tapia,  restoration volunteer
  • Avery Berbeck,  restoration volunteer
  • Mona Lilen,  restoration volunteer
  • Bob Olsen,  restoration volunteer
  • Jerry Johannas,  restoration volunteer


Community organizations supporting this project:

  • Niwot Community Association
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2014-06-27-MuralCleanup-03 2014-06-27-MuralCleanup-04 2014-06-27-MuralCleanup-05 2014-06-27-MuralCleanup-01 2014-06-27-MuralCleanup-02



Updated: 30 June, 2014 — 1:27 pm