Events – 2016

2016 Events


NCA Annual Meeting

April 13, 2016 @ 7pm
Left Hand Grange
195 Second Ave, Niwot, CO  80544

Thank you to all that attended the NCA Annual meeting.  Below is the set of slides used during the meeting and a few photos.

NCA 2016 Annual Meeting Presentation Slides

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20160413_annualmeeting_03_t 20160413_annualmeeting_05












NCA Clean Up Day

May 14, 2016 8am – 2pm
Niwot High School

The annual NCA Clean Up Day was huge success.  Here are some statistics:

  • Over 300 carloads dumped by approximately 138 different NCA members
  • 8 dumpsters of trash/debris
  • 4 dumpsters of yard waste
  • 1 dumpster of recyclable of scrap metal
  • 3 bins of electronics for recycling
  • 3 bins of paint
  • 4 bins of plastic bags
  • 1 bin of shoes
  • 1 bin of cloths
  • 3 sacks of styrofoam

Thanks to all that participated and volunteered for making the day such a success.

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2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-15 2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-14 2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-13 2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-12 2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-11 2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-10 2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-09 2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-08 2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-07 2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-06 2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-05 2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-04 2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-03 2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-02 2016-05-14 CleanUpDay-01

Fourth Of July

July 4, 2016 7:30am – 12:30pm
Downtown Niwot

A hot day in Niwot and a wonderful celebration of America’s Independence Day.  A special thanks to our Grand Marshals: the entire Slepicka Family for all that they do for Niwot and for once again riding their vintage tractors in the parade.

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20160704_IMG_1604 20160704_IMG_1603 20160704_IMG_1602 20160704_IMG_1601 20160704_IMG_1600 20160704_IMG_1599 20160704_IMG_1595 20160704_ClassicCar.G_2016 20160704_ClassicCar.B_2016 20160704_CheerTruck.2016 20160704_breakfast_concert 20160704_Bikes.4.2016 20160704_Bikes.3.2016 20160704_Bikes.2.2016 20160704_Bikes.1_2016 20160704_team_wagon 20160704_taddiken 20160704_Sparky_2016 20160704_SemiMarchingFreeGrangeBand.2016 20160704_RoadCrew.2016 20160704_ProductionDance_2016 20160704_NHSFootballTruck2_2016 20160704_NHSFootballTruck_2016 20160704_NHSCheerleaders_2016 20160704_NHSBand_2016 20160704_NCA.Bikes_2016 20160704_NC.Woody_2016 20160704_LHBagpipe_2016 20160704_Leslie_2016 20160704_Jones_2016 20160704_IMG_1618 20160704_IMG_1614 20160704_IMG_1613 20160704_IMG_1612 20160704_IMG_1610 20160704_IMG_1609 20160704_IMG_1608 20160704_IMG_1607 20160704_IMG_1605 20160704_IMG_1590 20160704_IMG_1589 20160704_IMG_1588 20160704_IMG_1587 20160704_IMG_1586 20160704_HonorGuardandFlag_2016 20160704_GrandMarshal.SlepickaFamily.2016 20160704_GirlScouts_2016 20160704_Exercise_2016 20160704_Engine10.2016 20160704_ClassicCar.T.2016 20160704_ClassicCar.RichCarlson_2016 20160704_ClassicCar.RF_2016 20160704_ClassicCar.RC_2016 20160704_ClassicCar.R_2016 20160704_ClassicCar.Jeep_2016 20160704_ClassicCar.GT_2016

Halloween Great Pumpkin Festivities

October 29, 2016
Downtown Niwot


Niwot Holiday Parade

November 26, 2016
Downtown Niwot

This was a Niwot Business Association sponsored event that the NCA supported by managing the road closure and marshaling the parade.

holidayparade-20161126-07 holidayparade-20161126-06 holidayparade-20161126-05 holidayparade-20161126-04 holidayparade-20161126-03 holidayparade-20161126-02 holidayparade-20161126-01