Events – 2013

2013 Events


Niwot Clean Up Day – May 4, 2013 – Niwot High School
• 13 ½ dumpsters were filled with yard waste, trash, metal and recyclables
• 5 bins of electronics were collected
• 3 industrial bags of ‘block’ Styrofoam
• and many items were exchanged in the swap meet area


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Thank you to all the volunteers :

  • Niwot High School
    • Elaine Grafelman
    • Emily Priitchard
    • Roberto Ramirez
    • Hannah Rieder
    • Karla Salinas
    • Jessie Slipica
    • Sam Spell
    • Victoria Sutton
    • Izzy Victorio
    • Braiden Wells
  • Niwot Community Association
    • Neal Anderson
    • Cindy Butler
    • Leigh Charley
    • Jim Eastman
    • Gloria Knudtson
    • Kathy Koehler
    • Terry Larsen
    • David Limbach
    • Emily Limbach
    • Pat Murphy
    • Dick Piland
    • Judy Seaborn
    • Chester Shans
    • Heidi Storz
    • Ben Thayer
    • Ericka Thayer
    • Hossein Toolee
    • Rosemary Yates
    • Bob Zimmermann
    • Diane Zimmermann



Fourth of July Parade – July 4, 2013 – Downtown Niwot

The 2013 parade was organized by the NCA and was the benchmark for implementing the newly established road closure regulations imposed by the Boulder County Transportation department.  The team of Sheriffs that regulated traffic said that things could not have gone any smoother.

Bikes were decorated, people were smiling, and there was a whole lot of red, white, and blue.


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Ice Cream Social, Area #2- September 2013 – Overbrook Road

Area #2 representative Diane Zimmermann hosted an ice cream social for neighbors to come out to enjoy the evening and spend time with their fellow Niwotians.  St. Vrain Valley School Board member Debbie Lammers joined the group and answered questions about the Lyons school closures due to the recent floods.


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Halloween – October 2013 – Downtown Niwot


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