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Code Updates For Marijuana Plant Grow on Private Property

  We’d like to inform you of county action that you may want to get involved with.  Boulder County is considering proposed changes to the Land Use code related to growing Marijuana on private property (this does not impact commercial grow operations): Boulder County Docket Page:  Docket DC-16-0002   Summary of changes (for complete details, please refer […]

Marijuana in Niwot Update

  The Boulder Land Use department stopped accepting public input to the application response from Colorado Real Estate Holdings (CREH) on Oct-23.  They will now work on their recommendation which should be published in December.  Then the Planning Commission will take up the matter at their January meeting. To see complete details of the application […]

MJ in Niwot application update

  The NCA would like to inform you that there has been an update to the application for a Marijuana retail and grow business in Niwot:  On September 18th the applicant, Colorado Real Estate Holdings LLC, submitted their response to the Boulder County Land Use Department’s request for additional application information.   The complete 188 page […]