Candidate Levy responses to NCA questions


Clair Levy (D), candidate for Boulder County Commissioner District 1, attended the NCA board July meeting.  After introducing herself she answered questions submitted by NCA members, her answers are below.


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At the upcoming August NCA board meeting candidates Cinda Kochen (R) district 1 and Jim Crowder (R) district 2 will attend and be asked the same questions.

In the past the NCA has hosted a Boulder County Commissioner candidate forum prior to the November general election.  While the COVID-19 pandemic may prevent us from holding a public gathering, we’ll do the best we can to make sure that Niwotians are informed as to how each candidate stands on issues central to our community.


What is your stance on the Board of County Commissioner being changed to 5 district seats and/or being voted on by only residents within each district instead of at large countywide?


    Claire is undecided but currently leaning away from expanding the board of commissioners.  She recognizes that unincorporated and mountain communities feel under represented, but is unsure if expanding the board is a solution.  The county needs to be considered in its entirety and that nobody should be elected if they cannot represent everyone.
    Claire did not address limiting voting by district instead of at large county wide.

What will be your approach, short term and long term, to fixing and maintaining the county owned roads in the residential subdivision areas?


    Calling this issue a “festering wound”, Claire stated that roads falls under ‘basic services’ that property taxes should cover.  Admittedly she does not fully understand current budgetary constraints and needs more information.


Do you agree with how the current Board of County Commissioners handled the recent moratorium in Niwot, including the imposition of a new requirement that commercial property owners must pay for a sidewalk and other alley improvements before they can use dedicated alleys for access to their properties?



    Claire does not have any background knowledge on this and could not comment.


Do you have any ideas about changing rules and regulations, which add time and costs to construction projects, especially for low-income housing?


    Getting a building permit takes way too long and government needs to improve its customer service to its clients, the residents of Boulder County.




Updated: 27 July, 2020 — 11:31 am