April 1, 2020 NCA Board Meeting–Change of Plan

We wanted to reach out to you today and let you know the NCA is thinking about you, our members and our entire community during the Covid-19 outbreak.

People are worried, anxious, and confused about Covid-19, and you may be seeing the effects of this confusion in our community and our businesses.

As so many organizations are canceling public gatherings due to the current situation, the NCA Board is weighing the safety of bringing our board members together for our monthly meeting scheduled for April 1, 2020. We are looking at our virtual options to hold the meeting. As such, there will not be an option for NCA members to attend the April meeting as usual. You can still send requests, information, and/or comments via email.

Remember, we are all in this together. Niwotians have always risen to occasions of need with their whole hearts. We are a tight knit community and we will get through this difficult time.
Updated: 21 March, 2020 — 9:05 am