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Marijuana application process


With help from the Boulder County Marijuana Licensing department the NCA has come up with this list of steps that are required to apply for and receive a license to grow/sell marijuana.  This list will be fine tuned as more information becomes available and the NCA will track where in the process the Niwot application is.

As of today, March 22, the process is at step A2: “Applicant placed on wait list”

The NCA will publish dates as to when public hearings are scheduled so that the public knows when they can provide their input to Boulder County.


Marijuana Application Process

A.  Land Use

  1. Pre Application conference
  2. Applicant placed on wait list
  3. SU Application submitted once called in from the wait list, a planner is assigned
  4. Reviewed by Land Use, referral agencies, and public
  5. Land Use drafts staff recommendation based on Code analysis and input received during #4

B. Planning Commission

  1. Public hearing to review the application and the Land Use recommendation
  2. Makes a recommendation to approve/deny application

C. Boulder County Commissioners

  1. Public hearing to review the application and the Land Use staff and Planning Commission recommendations
  2. Make a decision to approve/deny application

D. IF approved – Land Use

  1. Works with the applicant to complete all post approval conditions
  2. Complete a development agreement which outlines the long term expectations and limitations for the development.May require other specific actions as determined to be necessary through the review and approval process.

    Ensures long term compliance with approval

      IF denied

  1. Request made the application may not proceed

E. Licensing process

  1. Application is submitted to State of Colorado
    They have a significant process which includes background, security, and financial checks.
  2. Application is submitted to Boulder County
    Our process includes several steps including confirming that the property taxes have been paid, building inspection division, and several other agencies

    Both are significant processes and are dependent on each other. If one is denied, the other will be denied. If one is approved and the other is denied, then the first will be revoked.

Updated: 22 March, 2015 — 2:56 pm
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