Response to the Left Hand Valley Courier Letter to the Editor


The May edition of the Left Hand Valley Courier carried this letter to the editor that contained enough incorrect information that the NCA felt that a response was necessary to clarify some misconceptions.

LHVC Letter to the Editor 2014-05(click to enlarge)


Below is the response from NCA President Dick Piland, which has been submitted to the Courier for their June edition.



May 6, 2014

Mr. Michael Dribnak’s May 1st letter to the editor, opining that the Niwot Community Association’s support of 5C (Public Improvement District) was contrary to Niwot property owner’s desires, requires some clarification.

The NCA was never in favor of local residents having to pay more for the rehabilitation of their roads. I spoke before the Commissioners in 2009 and again in 2010 at County budget hearings; asking that they divert more tax revenue to the County Road and Bridge Fund to pay 100% of the costs to repave our roads. Again, in 2010, when invited by the Commissioners, I demanded that they pay at least 50% of the costs of this project. Finally, after several negotiation attempts, in 2011 the County agreed to pay for 20% of our rehabilitation needs.

In June of 2012, after viewing the latest road survey, the Commissioners became alarmed by the rapidly deteriorating road conditions and its associated costs and were about to simply “serve” the residents of unincorporated Boulder County with a Local Improvement District (LID). The NCA insisted that our residents at least be given the opportunity to vote on a Public Improvement District (PID), which we felt was a more suitable funding vehicle to the LID. The Commissioners decided (2-1) to place a PID on the November 2013 ballot. You see, Mr. Dribnak, if it were not for the NCA you would not have even been given an opportunity to vote on this issue.

Mr. Dribnak suggested that the NCA stay out of politics. Well, that is not why the NCA was formed in the mid-1970s. It was first created to provide a “voice” in county government. Its founding created and protected the concept of a “semi-rural” life style for its residences. It is obvious, due to recent events, that the NCA needs to become even more active in County Government.

I agree, the LID is a very bad funding vehicle for roads. It creates liens on properties, its assessment dollars are not a Federal Income Tax deduction, it is more expensive than a PID over time and it only temporarily fixes the problem. At the end of the 15 year term, the LID money will disappear and our roads will again deteriorate and future residents will again be faced with an enormous bill to rehabilitate their roads. The NCA sponsored several “Town Hall” meetings in an attempt to inform local voters of the advantages of a PID over the LID; which we knew would be “served” by the County if the voters did not choose the PID. In our view, the PID was simply the better of two evils.

Finally, may I address Mr. Dibnak’s implication that I am just a messenger for County Government. Without my efforts, coupled with support of the NCA Board of Directors, residents of Niwot would have never received a 20% matching funds from the County or the opportunity to even vote. It was not everything we wanted but that is no reason why we should stop advocating for our community. I volunteered to sit on the County’s SPLIDAC committee, to assure local property owners that they receive what is now due them. I am sorry you do not recognize or approve of our efforts on your behalf.

Dick Piland
President, Niwot Community Association

Updated: 7 May, 2014 — 1:43 am