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Code Updates For Marijuana Plant Grow on Private Property


We’d like to inform you of county action that you may want to get involved with.  Boulder County is considering proposed changes to the Land Use code related to growing Marijuana on private property (this does not impact commercial grow operations):

Boulder County Docket Page:  Docket DC-16-0002
Summary of changes (for complete details, please refer to the docket page):
  1. Change the current 300 square foot limit (capacity for 100 plants) to 6 marijuana plants
  2. Prohibit use of flammable gases for THC extraction
  3. Prohibit any noise and/or odor pollution beyond the property line

If you want to get involved:
  • Before March 1 send your comments to
    Be sure to reference “Docket DC-16-002”
    Your comments will be made part of the public record
  • Attend the Planning Commission public hearing on March 16
    Refer to the docket page for exact date, time, and location
  • Attend the Boulder County Commissioners Public Hearing
    Only if the Planning Commission approves the proposed changes will there be a hearing

    Refer to the docket page for exact date, time, and location
Updated: 24 February, 2016 — 2:07 pm
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